Bourbon Gift Suggestions

My neighbor recently asked me what bourbon I would recommend as a gift for a coworker.  The occasion is a 50th birthday (so kind of special) and she was looking at something in about the $50 or so range. I figured that this information may benefit others, so here was my response:

There are a lot of options in that range. You could do Blanton’s ($55), Bakers ($48), or Bookers ($60), Woodford Reserve ($45), or Russell’s Reserve ($51). All of these are considered very high quality and would make a bourbon drinker smile.

Since it’s a gift, I would stick to the favorites. I wouldn’t get too creative with choices like Bulleit or Old Scout – both of which I like, but may not be as exciting to some folks.

If you wanted something a little different you could choose a special release of a favorite like Maker’s Mark #46 ($40) or Woodford Reserved Double Oaked ($54). 

Also, I’m assuming you can’t find Rip Van Winkle. If you can, keep it for yourself and get me a bottle too. 

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have other thoughts.

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