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Wild Turkey Rare Breed Review


I recently stumbled upon a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed bourbon at a friend’s house and had to ask for a sample. Rare Breed is a limited run made from a combination of 6, 8, and 12 year Wild Turkey batches. It’s dubbed ‘barrel proof’ meaning it goes straight from the barrel to the bottle without being watered down. That said, it packs quite a punch at 108 proof.

First off, I have to admire how Rare Breed is so meaty that it sticks to the inside of my tumbler. The nose was mostly alcohol, but I managed to pull out some subtle scents of tobacco and leather.

On the tongue, Rare Breed is bold and peppery. There is a dryness with subtle flavors of nutmeg and oak from the start. As it mellows, I get some decent orangey sweetness combined with brown sugar on my palette. It finishes crisp, with a warm and comforting burn lingering in my belly for several minutes. Even with a few ice cubes, I was quite impressed with how well it holds up.

I like the complexity and totally respect the product, but have to admit that Rare Breed is a bit bold for my taste. Enthusiasts of a lot of burn will really appreciate this one.

Bourbon Reviews Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon Review

Verdict: Unique, spicy, and flavorful. A nice treat.


Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey has a uniqueness and complexity that makes it distinct. This is probably due to its relatively high rye content (at about 28% of the mash). Distilled in Kentucky limestone-filtered water and aged in charred American oak barrels, Bulleit¬†(90 proof) claims it ages the bourbon “until it is ready” and obvious swipe at the pretentious “how-old-is-this” crowd. The brand added a straight-up rye whiskey to its arsenal in 2011.

The bottle itself is fairly unique itself compared to many others on the shelf. I love the way the old medicine bottle and raised lettering conveys a nostalgic note which is punctuated with an understated label placed slightly askew. It’s so understated that if you were not familiar with Bulleit, you may have to ask the guy behind the counter where they keep it.

Bulleit has a rich amber color in the glass and a warming, smokey scent. Without ice, I experienced a good burn from the front to the back. It starts out strong and spicy giving way to flavors of brown sugar, wild flowers, and vanilla with very long flavorful finish waiting at the end. I added a few ice cubes which mellowed the burn slightly without dulling the richness of the flavors.

There is a depth and complexity in Bulleit that I find appealing. I think this is one to keep around for when you’re in the mood for something slightly different.

Bourbon News

Jim Beam Begins Shipping Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey


Jim Beam’s latest, known as “Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey” began shipping this week so we should see it popping up on store shelves soon. Beam named it in honor of Jacob Beam, the founding distiller of Jim Beam.

Jacob’s Ghost is an 80-proof whiskey that is aged for one year in a charred, white oak barrels. Because of the short aging process the whiskey does not pick up the caramel color of the wood, so it has a white/yellow hue like moonshine. While Beam insists that it is not moonshine, both the labeling and pale color are clear references the rich history of white lightning.

Stay tuned for a review as soon as I can find a bottle.