Jim Beam Begins Shipping Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey


Jim Beam’s latest, known as “Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey” began shipping this week so we should see it popping up on store shelves soon. Beam named it in honor of Jacob Beam, the founding distiller of Jim Beam.

Jacob’s Ghost is an 80-proof whiskey that is aged for one year in a charred, white oak barrels. Because of the short aging process the whiskey does not pick up the caramel color of the wood, so it has a white/yellow hue like moonshine. While Beam insists that it is not moonshine, both the labeling and pale color are clear references the rich history of white lightning.

Stay tuned for a review as soon as I can find a bottle.

Last updated: March 1, 2013
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One Response to Jim Beam Begins Shipping Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey

  1. Stan says:

    Pretty smooth on the rocks. Faint resemblance to a tequila

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