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Jefferson’s Reserve Review


In addition to Jefferson’s Reserve, McLain & Kyne bottles several varieties of bourbon and rye including Jefferson’s, Jefferson’s Presidential Select, Jefferson’s Straight Rye Whiskey, Jefferson’s Ocean, and Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration.

The bottle is fairly minimalistic with a script font that harkens to a colonial time and a small graphic of Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, below. The labeling includes the inscription of “Very Old” and “Very Small Batch.” I understand their small batch approach is a combination of a small number of barrels, as opposed to several hundred as other small batch bourbons may blend.

I found an an overall lightness to Jefferson’s Reserve in the glass. Medium in color and fairly benign on the nose, it’s also light on the palate. At 90 proof, it starts mellow and creamy, heats up fast, then finishes quickly. There’s a sweetness with notes of vanilla and peach, but also spicy flavors of oak and pepper. The complexity is actually pretty interesting.

Although, I typically like a heavier bourbon, I have an appreciation for Jefferson’s Reserve. It’s smooth, balanced, and flavorful. I would buy it again and would not hesitate to recommend it.

Bourbon Reviews Jefferson's Small Batch Bourbon

Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon

Verdict: Warm, robust, smooth

I’m not sure why, but when I hear sound of the cork popping out of a bottle of bourbon my taste buds start to anticipate something great coming their way. Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon, from McLain & Kyne, did not disappoint them.

Jefferson’s Small Batch is aged 8 years (vs. their Jefferson’s Reserve version which is aged 12) in metal warehouses to accentuate extreme temperatures. According to the distiller, this environment “forces the bourbon to expand into the barrel and pull out the wood flavors.” I guess the term “small batch” is a pretty general term, but my bottle was number 1009 from batch 147 which does seem pretty small compared to the production of some of the larger distillers.

The scent of Jefferson’s is incredibly mild. From the bottle and from the glass you really have to work to get a nose from it. The taste was well-balanced with flavors of sweet caramel and vanilla. There is a satisfying burn, but overall very smooth and pleasant finish.

Jefferson’s is very good whiskey. This is good old fashioned Kentucky sipping whiskey. I would highly recommend this one.